Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hi, This is a different type of album that I have made, it is one sheet of 12 x12 paper which makes 1 page.  this page has 3 pockets, 1 in the front side, 1 in the back side and 1 on the top.  Each of the pockets hold pull out tags made to fit. the backs of the tags are bare for her to write on.
I got this from youtube,  the persons name is Little peace of my Hrt and the project is called " pocket page mini album tutorial".
I made this for my daughters trip to Japan.  there are 5 pages  and that gives 15 tags to go into them.   To be different with this one I used fabric to cover the book and binding tape on the outside end in black.  This gave the book a lovely look . I hope you like this project I did.  thanks for looking.

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  1. This one I like very much Judi, your DD is getting spoil t :) But then all DD's should be spoiled :)