Monday, July 25, 2011

Zoo Album

Hi. I have been playing with making paper bag albums,  I got the idea from looking at Leda's scrapbooking life.  This one is the first and it is of a zoo trip my daughter and I took.  We traveled 3.500 k around the eatern side of Australia going to the Dubbo Zoo, Monato Zoo, Adelaide Zoo, Melbourne Zoo, Canberra Zoo, Sydney Zoo and then back home.  The trip took 14days and was non stop we traveled and then went to a zoo and then the next day back on the road, it was great.

The paper bag album was made with wine bottle bags that had been trimed down to 12" long then folded in half.  Each album had 5 bags which made 10 pages.
Inside between each page was a piece of cardboard trimed to 11.5cm x 5cm, there were a total of 11 of these.
then you needed to cover each page with card to your wants.10 of these trimed down to fit in the page.
You needed covers for the book and I used mat board, I went to the picture framers and asked for any offcuts and they sold me a heap for $10.00.  I used glue to stick the pages to the 11 page supports, the glue was Glossy Accents from Kaszazz.  I used tape to stick the page covers on and glue for the book covers.
on the outside of the book you need to cover the end so it looks neat, this I did with more card stock trimmed down to the size of the book .
I hope you enjoyed seeing this book as much as I had making it.


  1. Beautiful job! Looks like a wonderful trip (and memory)!

  2. What a wonderful book - full of fun and memories! you did an awesome job.