Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Hi all, well I had a wonderful break in January.  I went on a trip on the Eastern side of Australia covering 4 states and traveling 5,000 k. 
We went on a zoo trip.  First we drove 9 hours and went to Dubbo, we stayed the night and then the next day we went to the Great Western Plains Zoo. 
The next day we drove for 12 hours and went to Adelaide, the next day we went just outside Adelaide to the Monato Zoo which was another Plains Zoo and the next day went to the Adelaide Zoo, it was wonderful to get heaps of photos.
The next day we drove another 8 hours to Melbourne and on the next day went to the Zoo there.  We were lucky as my daughter drove just about all the way with me doing the odd few hours if needed.
The next trip was to Canberra, again about 8 hours, then the next day was to the National Zoo, this was a smaller Zoo, but really well set out .  The next day we went to the Questicon, which is a science thingy which my daughter and niece wanted to go to as they are teachers.  After a few hours there we drove to Sydney.
We then went to the Sydney Zoo, this had  the most scenic view from the Zoo, you could see the Sydney Opera House and the Bay and the bridge, I dont think the animals appreciated the view but we did.
The next day was a 9 hour trip home, but we each took a few thousand photos each, so it was well worth the trip.
Next it will be over to Perth and see the Western Australia Zoo, then there is only 2 more if they have them will have to check it out.  Well Perth is in March so cant wait for that one.  Here is a pickie or 2.

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