Thursday, August 26, 2010


A Few weeks ago I had just gotten an email to say that I had achieved TIP1 and I was over the moon, now I received an email to notify me that I had achieved TIP2 today and I was sooooo stoked that I just had to share my good news. Thank you so much Kaszazz what a great surprise.


  1. How exciting Judi. Well done!! Welcome to the Kaszazz family. I have loved every minute of my journey and it had been over 3 years. Wishing you even more success in your journey

  2. thank you Alicia, I have had a wonderful month, I love doing the party's. It is a bit hard at the beginning getting everything for them, that I spend more than I hoped but I am getting quite a stock.
    thanks heaps for the well wishes

  3. Yeeeyyyyy!!! how exciting Judi. I am so happy for you girl and wishing you more success on your Kaszazz journeys. So proud of you!

  4. thanks Gracie, It is so exciting.